Design Series

Design with colour outside and inside

New Design-Series COLOUR, BI-COLOUR und DECO-COLOUR gives new possibilities in design of facades and interior rooms. Within the use of graduated color panels you get distinctive design- and light effects.

General features

> A co-extruded UV protection-layer on the outside secures the positive material characteristics and stops the UV transmission up to 380 Nm
> 10 years guarantee according to guarantee declaration
> Standard B1 – high flammable resistant
> Opal-Antiblend surface with a light diffusing pigment for optimal non blinding nature light
> Approved ball and hail impact property HF-Q Qulity, so the panels does not disturb radar activity

The panels are completely pigmented with one colour. Due to the usage of standard colour palette (RAL) extraordinary colour effects on facades can be achieved. For interior usage interesting lightning effects are achievable.

By a special process, which was patented by RODECA, the panels can be produced with different colours on the outside and the inside surface. BI-Color panels provide different optical effects according to the weather, the point of view and the daylight. Various 3D effects can be realised by combining different colours.

Best known Projects: LABAN-Center, London, planned by Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, which won the Stirling-Award in 2003.

The outside surface has a different colour than the panel.

> Heatbloc
Due to the fact, that we use spezial for the outside surface the HEATBLOC panel can block up to 60 % of the infrared rays.
> Reflexa
The Reflexa surface consists of silver- or gold-coloured pigments for a reflecting surface. It is translucent and has a different optical effect during the day than at night.
> Luna
Luna is a brandnew design line with a phosphorized surface glowing in the dark. This can be interesting for special façade applications or for ineriour use in order to find one´s way without any light. There is no limit for creativity! Available colours: yellow, green an blue.

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