Industry and Business

Facades for industry and busines

PC panels with their formed coupling system are ideal for isolation and safety glazing in almost every branch.

They are made of the super-tough polycarbonate and with a co-extruded UV-longterm protection and a 10-year-guarantee.

These products fulfil the highest demands of planers, architects and projectors, such as
> Good day light qualtity
> Economic feasability Insulation accordig to ENEV
> Low maintenance
> Safety and security
> No direct sun light
> Fire classifications
> Design possibilities
> Ecological factors

Available in
> Building widths up to 500 mm
> 3-6 walls
> Thicknesses up to 40 mm
> U-values up to 1,20 W/m²K
> Panel lengths up to 25 m
> Colours clear, opal antiblind, and any requested special colour
> RODECA supplies everything to close an opening in the wall.


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