Large Facades

 Large Facades

A new production technology for the almost unbreakable polycarbonate allows for a new trend:

The creation of large, transparent facades.

Automatic warehouses, logistic stations, offices and factory facades can now be created with RODECA glazing elements in an impressive, fancy and economic way, of which several architectural prizes at home and abroad are giving proof.

The panels with a building width of 500 mm are produced with a water-proof tongue and groove coupling and are fixed from the inside with steel-fasteners to allow for a gliding but safe installation. Theoretically, the facades can be more than 200 m long and a panel height of up to 25 m can be mounted in one piece. (Transportation limit)

The panels are light (approximately 4,5 kg/m²), but nevertheless stable and have a general building accordance regarding statics and fire (high flammable resistant and not burning drip for the 3-wall panels), which depends on the product type. With our world novelty, the ten-wall panel » ISO-CLEAR we achieve a U-value of 0.83 W/m2K for an optimal heat insulation. The panel outside is UV-protected with a 10-year-guarantee.

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